I saw where one of my tweeple had commented that she recalled when her 8GB USB thumb drive was "cutting edge." Boy, did that get me going on a geek nostalgia trip. Yes, the first computer I ever laid hands on was back in college in 1980, when I was introduced to the PLATO network. I managed to wangle an "author signon", i.e., coding privileges, and that's what got me started. Later in my college career, I wrote code in UCSD Pascal on an Apple IIe. about five years later, I had a friend that had a TRS-80 Model III, and I was fascinated with it. He was a mainframe COBOL guy with a large corporation, and he had hooked up an acoustic modem to it so he could telecommute. Imagine that--telecommuting in 1985. In '87, I played with one of the original Macintoshes at a place I was working. No coding, just some poking around. I moved to my current location in '87, and in '88 we had a boarder for a few months who brought his Commodore 64. I messed around with that one, too. In 1989, I bought my first PC, a Tandy 1000. It had--gasp--TWO floppy drives. Wow. Plus, I could hook up a cassette tape recorder to it to serve as a tape drive. It was Way Cool, let me tell you. I worked my little fingers down to the nubs writing BASIC code. In 1991, I got a hold of a used 80286 PC running a very early version of Windows on top of MS-DOS 3. I found a copy of Visual Basic 3, and had all kinds of fun with that. The rest, as they say, is history